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Olivier Chouchana is a french photoreporter born in Toulon,


After graduating from the Superior School of

Advertising in Paris and working as a copy writer for major

advertising agencies of the french capital, he decided to

                                              change career path for Photography.

  • Started to work and learn lighting techniques at the Photo Studio of Elle fashion magazine in Paris as an assistant for fashion photographers, then went to follow the Masterclass in Photojournalism of the multi-award winning war photographers veterans Yan Morvan and Patrick Frilet at the CFD of Paris ( Center for Training of Journalists) in their 93/94 promotion.
  • His professional career started in Australia where he got a freelance job as a photographer for the biggest national daily newspaper of the country: The Australian newspaper.
  • He then furthered his experience as a photoreporter by collaborating as a stringer for the Sydney bureau of Agence France Presse (AFP) news agency, covering news and features events about Australia.
  • He has since worked as a freelance photojournalist for several international publications and his photos are being distributed by the Paris-based photo agency Gamma-Rapho: www.gamma-rapho.com 
  • Olivier Chouchana is now based in Hong Kong and covers all kind of topics for magazines, newspapers, e-media and corporate organisations around the world.

PS : Available for Assignments with 2 weeks notice minimum unless available at time of request.

        Rates negotiable according to type of assignments and type of media.